23 – 25 Febrero _ Hybrid Art Fair & Festival

UfoFabrik Gallery (Trento, Italy)- LABORA Award Photo Prix Madrid

With the only presence of a screen exist an interplay between what is shown and what remains hidden, what is inside and what is outside; this work wants to underline this precise relation.

This is done through a digital animation which depicts some free flowing and bouncing feet that are shown-hidden in relation to the synchronic movement of a robotic arm with the animation itself in a sort of windshield wiper effect.

– Components : TFT monitor, Arduino, Processing, Pc, Video Loop

Viernes 11:00 a 21:30 h.
Sábado 11:00 a 22:30 h.
Domingo 11:00 a 21:00 h.

Hotel Petit Palace Santa Bárbara – Plaza de Santa Bárbara 10, Madrid
Metro: Alonso Martínez